What we’re all about

Our mission is to help you get the most out of life through optimal health and longevity.

That is, not to struggle your way through illness and discomfort, but to thrive with confidence as the most mentally and physically fit version of yourself. To embody youthful radiance well into your old age, long enough to soak up as much quality life experience as humanly possible.

That sounds like a great feat, and it is. But we’re fuelled by the incredible results of our families, friends, and thousands of others following the ancestral health movement. Our method is in finding nutritional guidelines for an ideal that’s consistent with our evolutionary heritage, and that’s also supported by modern science and human experience.

Planima is proud to be bringing you all of this knowledge free, and combining it with some of the most nutritious organic foods our planet has to offer.

Optimal health isn’t about following a rigid diet plan. It’s about learning, keeping motivated, and testing what works for you.We invite you to join our ever growing community as you commit to this journey. We’ll keep you up to date with articles, Paleo recipes, Q&A topics and more, so be sure to subscribe!

Tribe Leaders


Jonathan Rizzolo


Jonathan is passionate about helping you realize your greatest level of health. For over eight years, much of his time has been spent researching and improving his personal fitness regimen, while the more recent years have led him in pursuit for peak health.

He believes there’s outstanding human potential being wasted, as well as unacceptable rates of avoidable disease and suffering, due in large part to poor eating habits and confusion about proper nutrition. For those fortunate enough to have access to information and clean foods, he wishes to lift the fog on this topic and help spread the knowledge.

Jonathan earned his degree in Engineering at McGill University, and uses the scientific approach for achieving a thorough understanding of the healthiest habits. Years of research, testing, and adjusting his diet has helped him weed out the junk and converge on a set of health guidelines that have shown fantastic results.

While things may change with new found studies, Jonathan is excited about the dramatic health improvements being experienced by Paleo followers worldwide, and is confident that he can help transform your life as well.


Jessica Lanzieri


Jessica has recently been involved in the Paleo lifestyle and has overcome many challenges she thought impossible. During her learning experience, she has adapted healthier recipes for her favorite foods all while satisfying her taste buds. She’s thrilled to be motivating many others to choose a healthy lifestyle that works.

As a creative foodie, Jessica has always had a passion for baking and testing out old recipes with new ingredients. Making these changes has helped her create treats that you can enjoy without the guilt!

She believes that while healthy living is extremely important, it’s just as important to adapt your habits in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable without feeling deprived.

Jessica has seen amazing changes in her life and she wants the same for you!