Planima exotic berry chia bar

Sprouted Vitality Bars: Exotic Berry + Chia


Box of 10 x 50g

  • Gluten Free and Grain Free
  • 100% Organic
  • Sprouted
  • Paleo Friendly

dates*, sprouted cashews*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, sprouted pumpkin seeds*, goji berries*, goldenberries*, chia seeds*, raw honey*, virgin coconut oil*, beetroot powder*, pink Himalayan sea salt. *Organic. Contains: cashews, coconut. May contain traces of other tree nuts.

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Product Description

The Exotic Berry bar brings you fruity flavors from South-America and the Himalayas with the Incan goldenberry and the vibrant red goji berry. Unlike many tart berries which are often sweetened, these little gems are delicious as they are, helping to give the bar a balanced sweetness.

This bar is also packed with chia, tiny seeds loaded with soluble fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

Enjoy the enhanced flavor and nutrition of living nuts and seeds that have been brought to life by soaking, sprouting, and gentle dehydration to preserve their life force.

Only the most nutritious whole food ingredients have been selected. No artificial ingredients or additives, ever.


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